Isn’t Biking Enough? and the Plasma Donation Drama

So as previously reported on my blog,  I am biking as my major source of exercise.  Unfortunately even going 10mi 3x a week on my mountain bike I am not seeing a significant change in weight loss or muscle density.  I visited Max Muscle and stood on a machine that calculates your body in muscle vs fat etc.  So apparently I am 99 lbs of muscle and 60 pounds of fat or something like that.  I have no muscle density at all and the report states that I am severely dehydrated. I was nursing my 20 ounce water bottle on it’s 3rd refill for the day at the time this test was taken.  While there are debates about the efficacy of these machines it only takes looking in a mirror to see that I have no muscle.

Why No Muscle ?

So I was contemplating why my musculature is not responding to stimulus as it has in the past.  In my 20’s I was an avid weight lifter and walked everywhere. Literally. We only had one car and I left it for my mom to use as she was taking care of my son.  So transport was my feet.  In my thirties I was in IT so alas my exercise routine took an early retirement and my butt expanded real estate options.  I very slowly gained around 10 lbs. In my 40’s I quickly gained 20 more lbs and here we are.  The things that I have been told are my ‘problem’.  Partner:  Not eating portion controlled menu.  Of course he makes a prison sized portions of 3 recipes that he freezes and eats everyday.  The same thing ….everyday.  Just makes me shiver thinking of it. And he is not a fan of anything that has recently undergone photosynthesis and might had vitamins to his diet (he doesn’t eat vegetables).  The Fitness People:  Protien, Protien, Protien.  No carbs. weight training and lots of cardio.  Ok I actually and onboard with this idea.  However with the recent addition to Donating Plasma I have found that it leaves me really tired afterward and dizzy.  Researching my reaction it is possible that I am allergic to the anti coagulants that the donation center suffused with the blood that is pumped back into your system.  Diet Industry: restrict caloric intake, portion control . Elimination of fats and sugars.  Okay so this is the old school form of dieting and the reason that no one can adhere to this type of regime.  The real reason this doesn’t really resonate with me is I already do not eat:

Processed Foods

Artificial Ingredients

Dairy of any kind

Gluten of any kind

Carbs (grains, rice or nuts)

Sugar (limited fruits)

So I am going to try and do more cardio in the form of dance videos or ‘Zumba’ like activities to see if this increases muscle mass and stabilizes metabolism.  The biggest issue is that I like biking.  I get into zipping around outside, headset on  and wind whipping in my helmet.

So nutrition update:

Current nutrition strategy is Paleo

Current exercise strategy is Cardio: Biking and Zumba

Current Weight: 152  -3 lbs

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