Running and biking and sit-ups, oh my! Updated

Currently on a base of 1200 calorie diet and “My Fitness Pal” Software alters my nutrition intake based on exercise that day so if I have done 300 cals of cardio then I have 1500 cal allowance. I have been eating well and doing an hour of cardio a day w/ 30 -45 minutes of strength training. Every day.   Quit Artificial sweeteners, quit anything prepackaged or chemically enhanced, drinking over 12 cups of water a day. So you would think that I would have at least lost a pd right? Wrong.  I am so frustrated.  I have really been enjoying the cardio. But am really frustrated at the lack of progress. Nothing looks at all different.  I will continue on.  Just thought I would see ‘some’ difference.



So finally showed some improvement and lost weight.  Finally I am able to do 10 miles on my bike, I am slow but I get the whole 10 miles!  I went out the other day and conquered a hill that I usually have to dismount and walk halfway up.  An odd side effect of the lifestyle changes that I have implemented, apparently I am not snoring anymore! Go figure.  and I am finally not biting everyone’s head off anymore so that is good 😀



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