Scottish references non scots may not understand.

If you have interfaced with me at all, you would know I am currently deeply, madly in love with Scotland and the history of.  There are things that are mentioned on Social Media that can confuse the sassanach ( Scottish equivalent of ‘Yankee’). I will be continually updating this section as I find things that I haven’t seen referenced elsewhere.  I have created this space as a Rosetta Stone of Scotch culture. Most of this site is for my writing reference but thought I would share my research for the 2 visitors I may get this month!

There are a plethora of websites out there that have an abundance of information so I will post the links versus trying to rewrite what has already been written.

A great resource:


Iron Brew
Iron Brew

IRN BRU (pronounced “Iron Brew”).  A popular soft drink unique to Scotland.  Information from tourists to the area have said that it does have a distinctly ‘iron’ taste.  Cheers!



Munro Bagging:  This is a uniquely Scotch practice of climbing a series of 283 peaks all over Scotland.

From the Walklands Website:

“The Munros were first listed by Sir Hugh Munro (1856 – 1919) in his ‘Munros Tables’, published in the Journal of the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) in 1891. Sir Hugh divided the summits into 283 separate mountains (now known as the Munros), whilst 255 further summits over 3000 feet were considered to be only subsidiary ‘Tops’. His list caused quite a stir at the time, as it had previously been thought that there were only around 30 mountains of that height.”

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